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VEX IQ Crossover. Task. Add the grabbing attachment to a robot Pro Preview

  • #539
  • 27 Jun 2017
  • 1:35


Your next task is to add your grabbing attachment to an actual robot. And to try to attach it to this robot and then we'll program this robot and you should try to move with this robot and actually grab your objects. Now, you might have Hexballs or you might have other objects. And let's discuss the specifics of this task. You can find in the course section the instructions for our attachment, for this one. And we'll enter more details in the next couple of videos about the attachment and its idea. So, you have attachments that you can use. And you can build our attachment or I would expect that you already have attachments that you've built. And it is always a good idea to use your attachments because they are built by you. And your previous task was to build a single attachment, a mirror of this attachment and to attach them together and to use this whole attachment. If you couldn't build and couldn't find the way to build and to connect your two single attachments just follow the instructions for building our attachment. It doesn't matter if you have our attachment or you have your own attachment. In both cases your next task is to attach this attachment to a robot somewhere at the front of the robot so that you can move with this attachment and grab some objects.