EV3 Phi. Build FiveMinuteBot

In this Episode, we would show how to build the FiveMinuteBot. We make a quick overview of this Mindstorm Robot. 

  • #386
  • 18 Mar 2017
  • 0:33

Castor ball The steel ball is new in Mindstorms robots. It was introduced with the EV3 set and this is the first robot that uses it.

Five Minute Bot

Building instructions for a LEGO Mindstorms EV3 Robot that we call Five Minute Bot, because it could be build in Five Minutes.


In this module we'll build the Five Minute Bot. And it's very similar to the previous one the Easy Bot. And it again has two motors and we have the wheels on the motors and we connect the motors with cables. The difference is this part here the third wheel the steel ball. And you can follow the instructions and build the robot.