What is the alarm? Pro Preview

How people choose an alarm system and what should it do?

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  • 15 Feb 2019

Alarm systems have several major functions. One is to inform guards and civilians that there is something wrong going on. But why should alarms be so shrilly and annoying?

Imagine you are an unexperienced robber. You are under great pressure as you are committing your first robbery. Your hands are shaking, your stomach even hurts. Out of a sudden, an alarm goes off. Imagine it has the sound of a loving popular song which does not disturb you at all. You steal your marked objects and leave the place. On the contrary, the alarm is extremely shrilly, lights start flashing and you immediately panic and start making mistakes which the guards take advantage of to catch you. 

The second function of alarms is to namely cause terror in robbers and panic them. That is why alarms should be as loud and annoying as possible.

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