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Tetrix FTC. How to attach the ball storing pipe to the robot Pro Preview

Let's attach the ball storing pipe to the FTC robot. In previous tutorials, I've shown you the complete robot, but for this, I've removed the pipe and will show you how to attach it.

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  • 02 Jul 2017
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Central C-channels of the robot

We've built this FIRST Technical Challenge robot with a central C-channel on which we could attach anything. We attach the whole mechanism from the pipe to the C-channels and after that, we attach the pipe with a duct tape.

Tetrix FTC Pipe attachment constructions

Shows the pipe attachment constructions that is mounted on the robot. The pipe is than mounted on this constuctions


Let's attach the ball collecting pipe to the robot. We have this modified version of the PushBot and you have instructions for building this modified PushBot and it's time that we attach the pipe. Now, in previous videos we showed you the pipe and it was attached. I've now detached it and removed it from the robot to discuss the principles of attaching this pipe to the robot. First, we start with the frame of the robot and we've designed this frame in a way that we have this central c-channels and we can attach different things to these c-channels. And in our case we have this mechanism of different c-channels and different plates and we attach this whole mechanism to the robot. That's the first thing that you should do. And based on the length of the pipe you then use a duct tape or electrical tape and you attach the pipe to these c-channels. So, the process is the following. First, I'm not going to build them now because I have to remove the whole duct tape and add it again so just to go through the process again. First, you take this mechanism of c-channels and you attach it to the robot and then you take a duct tape or electrical tape and you attach the pipe to this mechanism. We don't make any holes in the pipe and that's probably an advantage because it will be very easy to have the balls moving in the pipe and if you have different balls with different screws, probably they'll stop at a certain point. So, we don't have any holes at the pipe. We just have the pipe with electrical tape attached to this mechanism.

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