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Improving FLL Robot Game. Teacher Note. Introduction to task for Lifting Pro Preview

How should an instructor use this course when working with students and a group of students in school

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  • 06 Mar 2017
  • 1:04

Goal of the course

The goal of the course is to show a number of principles and tools and how could students think about lifting the robot.

There are different approaches depending on the construction, on the place you lift your robot and the LEGO parts that you have.

Specific attachment

We will discuss the rules of building the attachment that we've shown, because they could be replicated in other attachments. Do not go directly to the end result. This is not the goal of the course and students will barely learn anything.



A note for the teacher for using this course while working with students and actually building the attachments. The goal is to show the students a couple of principles of how they could think about lifting the robot. And there are many different ways to achieve this depending on your robot construction, the height of the mission model and where exactly do you want to lift it. So, it's important not to go directly at the end result. The end result as you see this is solving a very specific mission for a very specific competition with a very specific attachment. And the principle of this attachment is important - the mechanism, not the specific attachment. So, we'll discuss some of the rules of how you build such attachments but don't go directly to the end result or if you do, try to return and look at the other ways to lift the robot.