Tetrix FTC. Construct a ball collecting attachment - rotation axle Pro Preview

How to construct an axle with a plastic plate connected to this axle and make this plate rotate and collect balls.

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  • 11 May 2017
  • 7:16

Finding Axle

There is no such axle with the Tetrix set so we bought one. The diameter of the axle is 4mm - 4.5mm (0.16"-0.17"). We cut the axle about 200mm. 

Attaching the axle to the robot with a Coupler

We add the motor from the back of the robot to the front. We would use this motor for rotating the axle. Then coupler makes the connecting between the motor and the axle. It has a motor hub and an axle hub. The motor is connected to the motor hub, while the axle is connected to the axle hub. The size of the holes on the coupler are with different sizes. 

When attaching the coupler to the motor shaft you must fix the coupler screw on the flat part of the shaft. Check out the video to see exactly how. 




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