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  • All video tutorials
  • All building instructions and programs
  • PREMIUM Support & Chat
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Diane Maltby, December 2017

For years, I searched for some advanced training in programming EV3 robots. I looked all across the United States and could never find anything except training for beginner users. I thought I would just try and teach myself, but you know how that goes, it was really difficult to make the time and put in the effort. When I did give it a try, without any support I just became frustrated and confused.

I was so excited to receive an email from the folks that put together FLL casts and learn that they were offering an online advanced EV3 robotics training course. I found it a bit ironic that the class I had been looking for was coming from the other side of the world and was very grateful that Aleks was willing to get up in the middle of the night to teach the class.

The class was everything I had hoped for and more. It was challenging and demanding and pushed me beyond what I thought I could do. Through it all, I felt well-supported. By the end of the Training course, not only had I learned more than I expected, I'd made friends with other EV3 programmers in the states and one from Bulgaria.

Diane Maltby

Joe Forjette, October 2017

- Hello, would you be able to comment on whether your AccurateTurnin block uses 1 or 2 Gyro sensors? Also, it would be great if you could post a video sometime that vies a high level description of this Block. I would like the kids to understand the sw they are using. thanks!

- hi Joe. thanks for the feedback - we are thinking of doing a video tutorial describing it we just need some time

- great. Keep up the great work, it's been an amazing resource for a rookie coach

Salma, AM, October 2017

Dear FLL Casts Team:

I am very thankful for all the help and support that your sending from a far distance, I'll make sure to mention all this help at the competition.

Thank you again :

Salma AL-Mutaseb

Param, Oct 2017

Param 21:10 - ok thanks for your help. I will try out some pairs of motors and then keep the ball on the back. Will align to the lines where possible

Kiril (Me) 21:11 - ok, wish you luck

Param 21:11 - thanks. your website is awesome. kids have learned a lot of new things

Kiril (Me) 21:11 - thanks - can I use this as a testimonial on our site?

Param 21:11 - sure

Paul. Z, October 2017

I am no longer involved with LEGO league, but this was very helpful last year when I needed it.

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