VEX IQ Crossover. Using belts to transfer motion Pro Preview

  • #546
  • 31 Jul 2017
  • 3:04


I'd like to stop for a few minutes on using the belts, belts like these to transfer the motion between different axles. And there are a couple of rules that you should follow and a couple of things that you should be aware of. First rule about using belts. If you can do the construction without using, belts don't use the belt. One of the greatest disadvantages of belts is that you can't rely on the two axles moving at the same speed because there's some friction between the belt and the wheel and it might be possible that when the belt rotates

it slides on the wheel and the wheel is not rotating in the same speed. So, this sliding of the belt is very difficult to prevent with these belts and you should be aware of this. So, especially when you have a lot of torque it's very difficult to achieve. And now if you have some small torque or it's just an axle that doesn't have a lot of weight attached to it, it's easy but belts are sometimes sleeping on the wheel and this makes the belt not very good. But it has a lot of advantages and belts are used in a lot of different places, for example in car engines, the whole engine of the car transfers the motion with different belts and inside and belts are very useful but for these parts - for the wheels here that we see, the blue wheels and for this belt sometimes these belts skip. So, if it's possible try to avoid them. Now, if you tried to avoid them and you've decided not to avoid them. A few other things that you should be aware of is that as you have different ratios between the different gear wheels you have different ratios between the two wheels on which the belt is connected in the same way. And if you have a smaller wheel powering a larger wheel, you'll have an increase in torque. And if you have a larger wheel, I don't have them currently here but if you have a larger wheel attached to a smaller wheel, you'll have an increase in speed and this ratio depend on the different radiuses of the two wheels. So, it's very similar to gear wheels. The main difference is that when two gear wheels rotate, they are connected to each other, they always rotate in opposite directions. While if you have a belt between two wheels, these wheels always rotate in the same direction. So, gear wheels - different diretion. Wheels with belt - same direction.