Bring technical sciences to all students

We as engineers, software developers and teachers believe we can inspire all students to develop themselves in the field of technical sciences. We provide teachers and instructors with easy to use courses and materials for conducting classes where students can participate. We use robots, sets and devices as tools for learning and provide video tutorials, building instructions, software programs, curriculum to follow and projects to complete.

Our story

"With the development of technology the role of the teacher becomes even more important than ever. "

Kiril Mitov, founder at FLLCasts

Compared to just a few decades back, the teacher/instructor is no longer the one possessing the information. The information is somewhere on the Internet already available to students in all forms and materials. We think the goal of the teacher/instructor and the school in general is to provide the structure, to motivate, organize and direct.

The greatest challenge when doing STEM/ Technical science is that there are too few teachers. The reason is that people completing education in these fields generally do not continue with teaching in them. We are one of the little exceptions and we think that with our understanding and knowledge we can assist each teacher without prior knowledge in technical science conduct classes and educate students.

When we started our team tried to capture and share solutions to ever repeating challenges that occurred during robotics competitions. Our goal was to make the long period of building a great team of young engineers shorter, where "shorter" means "one season". We value the process of inventing, thinking, brainstorming, and we value improving on existing ideas or revolutionizing ideas, instead of finding the same solutions over and over again every year.

During this time we were conducting local classes with thousands of students and certifying hundreds of teachers in our Robopartans parent company.

FLLCasts goal is to be a platform for us to share our ideas and knowledge not only locally, but on the Internet where teachers and students from all countries could access them.

The Team

Kiril Mitov

Content & Infrastructure

Ivan Bozhilov

Content & Trainings

Alexander Pavlov

Content & Trainings

Plamen Dikov


Mihail Kirilov

Content & Video Edit

Desislava Simova

Community manager

If you want to join us, contact us at [email protected]

Your Opportunities

We are open for the world. We hope that we can build lasting relationships with our customers who will not only love the product they use, but contribute for its improvement. We call it mutual benefit :)

Currently, we are looking for help in the following directions:

  • Market exposure – we need connections to more people who are inspired by robotics and are working towards the development of high technology, as well as students interested in competing in robotics challenges. If you know this kind of people, contact us.
  • Content development – in order to be able to offer the best robotics resources in the market, we need to connect with the best experts in the area. If you are interested in working with us, drop us an e-mail.
  • A lot of other things – if you believe that you can help us improve in any way, please, don't hesitate to contact us.

We are open to your suggestions at [email protected]