At FLLCasts we build tutorials, instructions and lessons for a number robotics platforms used in competitions and classes.

Choose your weapon!

You need a robotics set, or certain electronic elements or you can just use your computer.

When not sure go for LEGO Education SPIKE Prime (the first option)

Image for LEGO Education SPIKE Prime

LEGO Education SPIKE Prime

The newest set from LEGO. When not sure, choose this. There are two sets - Prime and Prime Expansion. Take both of them. It is worth it.

Image for LEGO Mindstroms EV3

LEGO Mindstorms EV3

It is slightly more advanced (and powerful) but not that colorful as the SPIKE Prime sets. Probably that's why it is slowly fading away. People often choose the SPIKE Prime set, but Mindstorms EV3 is still strong.

Image for Scratch course

Scratch at Home

You can start with the Scratch course while you are waiting for your robots to arrive. It requires a computer.

Image for Perfect STEM Course

Perfect STEM course. Module 1 - Smart Car with Raspberry PI

Suitable when you want to try someting different - like a Raspberry PI. It is more advanced and requires more from you. It is a great introduction to IoT, Electronics, Python programming, Machine Learning & AI. Students will use raspberry pi as a platform to program a RC car to be controlled by their smart phone. Then add sensors and make the car "learn".

Image for VEX IQ


VEX IQ is quite popular with competitions and with teachers. We don't know a lot of people that are using it at home. If you have VEX IQ you can start by following these resources.


SPIKE Prime is the future, but EV3 is still around. Make sure you understand the pros and cons