Kiwi Trivia

Now, we are going to learn more about the Kiwi birds.

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  • 17 Jul 2019

Altho they are birds, Kiwis can’t fly, so they have adopted a running lifestyle. They are carnivores, whose diet consist mostly of fruits and worms. Living in the grass, they haven’t developed a good sight. Instead, they have an amazing scent and a pair of whiskers, which they use to sense their surroundings. As you can see, kiwis seem very different from birds. Their hair-like feathers, strong bones and legs give them the title “honorary mammals”. They used to be uncontested in New Zealand until some newcomers came. With humans, cats and dogs were brought to the Island. Since then, the Kiwis are being hunted and their population has been declining. Once a New Zealand mascot, they are one of the many endangered species nowadays.

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