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Design and build Mission FIRST LEGO League 2019-2020 City Shaper Challenge

Bring the blocks to a specific place on the field in a specific way

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  • 21 Aug 2019


Please take the needed time to understand the scoring examples.


If there are any Circles with at least one color-matching Unit Completely In, and Flat Down on the Mat:

  • 10 Each Circle


If there are Independent Stacks at least partly in any Circles, add all of their heights together:

  • 5 Each Level


Note: The Blue Circle is not Part of Mission 12.

Note: A Stack is one or more Building Units with Level 1 touching Flat Down on the Mat, and any higher levels touching Flat Down on the level below.


content picture

Color match = no

Tan stack = 2 levels

White stack = 1 level

15 points shown

  • 10 points from 2 Tan stack levels
  • 5 points from 1 White stack level

content picture

Color match = no

Bridged stack = 4 levels

20 points shown

This whole stack counts as one independent stack because the white unit is rested on top of the red one. This stack is partially in the circle. It is 4 levels high, so 4x5 = 20 points. 


content pictureColor match = red

Red stack = 2 levels

Other stack = 4 levels

40 points shown

  • You have 2 independent stacks in the same circle
  • From the red stack you get 5 points per level, 2 levels=> 2x5 = 10 points.
  • From the red circle you get 10 points because there is a red structure completely in and flat on the mat.
  • From the other stack you get 5 points per level, 4 levels => 4x5= 20 points.
  • 10 + 10 + 20 = 40 points.

FLLCasts Tip:

You will need these tips to accomplish the mission:

  • The blue circle doesn’t bring points when it is filled with blue structures.
  • Put the highest single color structure stack in the circle of the same color. If you do this, your team will win 10 points for the circle and 5 points for any structure in the circle.
  • Also, at least one structure matching the color of the circle needs to be completely in the circle.
  • Bring all the structures in one circle at one go. After the structures are placed in the circle, don't bring any more structures. Otherwise, you may push out the ones that are inside the circle.

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