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Navigating the hub menu and starting a program manually Pro Preview

After connecting to the hub and uploading the program, this is the final step in seeing our robot come to life. This tutorial explains the SPIKE hub's minimalistic menu and how to navigate it in order to start a program.

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  • 20 Aug 2020

If you just started your hub, it should display a heart symbol.

SPIKE hub with heart

You can navigate the menu by pressing the left and right arrow buttons. If the heart symbol doesn't change, this means you have no uploaded programs yet and you need to upload a program by following the instructions in the previous tutorial. Navigate to the number of the slot you used when uploading the program (0 in our case). Move your robot to the test zone and press the center button on the hub. You should hear a clicking sound and your program will now be executed.

If you ever need to stop your program early, just press the center button again.