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How a Vertical Lift attachment accomplishes a loops mission. Live demo with Gazon 2.0 Robot from LEGO MINDSTORMS Robot Inventor Pro Preview

In this video tutorial we look at Vertical Lift Attachments. The attachment, the root and the mission model are all build from LEGO MINDSTORMS Robot Inventor 51515 set. We've found that vertical lift attachments that could lift missions models vertically could be quite useful for FIRST LEGO League competitions. This attachment is one of the more complex attachments and some say it has an "eye opening" mechanism as you can learn so much from it. It uses gear wheels and two levers connected to those gear wheels to lift a part vertically.

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  • 26 Apr 2022
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What do to with this tutorial?

Build the attachment, the mission model and the robot. Then download the program and experiment with accomplishing the mission. Try to understand the principle of the attachment and how the attachment work.


In this video tutorial, we accomplish a loops mission and we use a LEGO MINDSTORMS robot, Inventor robot, and a very special attachment that we call a lift attachment with a vertical motion. It's one of the complex attachments in this course and it's pretty interesting. Let's see it.

The goal of this attachment is to move, to reach the loop, and somehow lift the loop, but vertically. This is a common mission in a lot of FIRST LEGO League competitions, where you just have to push the loop, but vertically. You cannot use a lever with circular motion. This attachment that we built for vertical movement of the parts is one of the complex ones in this course and it includes six different gear wheels that are making the attachment work. Six different gear wheels that transfer the power from the motor to the front side of the attachment through a system of six gear wheels and two levers. You can see that it's like a pinless attachment, but it is locked at the front because at the front we are lifting, but it's not locked at the back. There are two systems of gear wheels: one on the right side and one on the left side of the attachment. When we start the robot and the program, this system will lift the front side of the attachment up. This is with the LEGO MINDSTORMS Robot Inventor set. Now let's take a closer look, because this principle that we are demonstrating here is one of the very powerful principles to transfer a circular motion to a linear motion. It's used in a lot of machines, and it's a basic engineering principle when designing different machines, especially for robotics competitions, it's extremely useful. The ability to use a circular motion and transfer the circular motion from the gear wheels to a linear motion. We are doing this through two levers. These two levers, we will show them in a moment. Let's now take a look at the attachment, but only the attachment, because once the attachment is connected to the motor, it is difficult to rotate the attachment and to demonstrate it. You can see that when I rotate the large black gear wheel, the front side of the attachment moves up, and you can see these two small levers that are working together to bring the attachment up. From the back, there is a system of gear wheels that transfers the power to the black wheel. The black wheel rotates one of the levers and there is another gear wheel on the other side that transfers the power and rotates the other lever.

One of the axles is connected to the motors, and if the axle is connected to the motor, it will power the small gear wheel, then it will power the left gear wheel, and then we have the front of the attachment move up. Very interesting, very powerful mechanism, and especially when we need to lift something vertically or to push something vertically, it's very useful. We've seen such missions on a lot of different competitions. Let's now see it half disassembled. There are building instructions. What you should do is go find the building instructions in the lesson, build the attachment and try to replicate the behavior that we are demonstrating here. Download the programs, build the attachment, build the robot from a single robot set and experiment. Experiment and try to accomplish the missions.

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