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FLL 2021: Push on a lever - 10 out of 10 on how to accomplish Unlock Cargo Plane mission Pro Preview

This is a 10 out of 10 video tutorial that demonstrates the consistency and reliability of the robot that accomplishes the Unlock Cargo Plane mission. The attachment is an active attachment with gear wheels. It has a single lever constructed from 2 beans and we use this attachment to push on the mission model.

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  • 18 Oct 2022
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Push, Lever, Auto-correct

This is a pinless active attachment for Push, Lever, Auto-correct

With the active attachment, we push on the mission model. There is a lever involved where we activate the lever with the motors and the gear wheels, and the attachment auto-corrects as there is enough room for a mistake - the robot could be off with 1-2 inches/ 3-5 centimeters, and we will still accomplish the mission.


For our next mission, we accomplish again the cargo plain unload. From the FIRST LEGO League cargo connect and this is a ten out of ten tutorials where we demonstrate the mission ten times and how consistent and reliable the robot is. Let's start.

Unload cargo plane, move forward, push down on the lever and cargo is unloaded from the plane time. Move unload. Now, what's interesting for this mission is that you can accomplish this mission with a rather simple active attachment, as you see on the video. And it's not that far away from the base. So you can start from base, you can basically follow the line and decide where do you want to stop and where do you want to align. And from then on there is the possibility of a large margin of error. So the yellow lever on the cargo plane is rather long and we can push it in many different places. And it's not that difficult to accomplish the mission. Move forward and the attachment works every time. It's good to combine this mission with another mission that in the same run you can go out and accomplish two or three missions at the same time, but even if you start just with this, it's not that difficult to accomplish it. The interesting thing about active attachment that's on the robot is that it has gear wheels. The power is transferred from the motor to this pink lever at the top through the gear wheels. It's purple, I think. Yes, purple lever. So it's a common way in which power is transferred from a motor to a lever with the use of gear wheels. And the other thing that this gear wheels they do is they change the orientation from something that's moving vertically to something that's moving horizontally because there is a 90 degree angle between them. Quite straightforward. Now, what you should do is try to build this attachment, download the program and try to accomplish this mission now as a review of the competition after the season is already over. One last time and that's it. See you in the next tutorial.

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