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FLL 2022: Water Reservoir M12 FIRST LEGO League 2022-2023 SUPERPOWERED Challenge

Water from the river above the dam is stored in the reservoir. Water from lower down the river can also be pumped back up to fill the reservoir at times when there is excess electricity to use.

Place the looped water units from the river above and below the dam into the water reservoir or onto the red hooks.

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  • 25 Aug 2022

Video rules

Youtube video for M12 Water Reservoir rules


  • If a looped water unit is completely in the water reservoir, touching the mat: 5 EACH
  • If a looped water unit is placed on a single red hook: 10 EACH HOOK

The loop on the looped water unit may extend out of the water reservoir.

Looped water units in the water reservoir or on red hooks may not be touching team equipment at the end of the match.

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FLLCasts Tip

Water reservoir is a complex mission that can potentially net you 25 points. To achieve that, you need to gather three looped water units, one in front of the Hydroelectric dam and two after the water reservoir. We recommend gathering these while doing other missions so you can setup their placement better.

The mission itself requires the robot to put these looped water units either in the water reservoir or on the red hooks. Those placed in the reservoir grant your team 5 points each and those on the hooks grant 10 points, but you can only have one water unit per hook and thus you can only get 20 points from the hooks.

One strategy is to ignore the hooks completely and just place the three water units in the reservoir. That way your team gains 15 points, only 10 less than the maximum. That can be done by having them hang on a beam or axle that is attached to a motor and then dropping them. If you want something more complex, you can also make a passive attachment with a rubber band that releases the looped water units.

If you want to make the full 25 points out of this mission, the robot will have to place two of the water units on the two hooks, but beware that this attachment will need a lot of work to do the mission reliably. In order to place the looped water units on the hooks, you can use two axles that hold each loop and the robot needs to maneuver so that the hooks end up in between the axles. These axles would also need to be attached to a motor so they can be lowered for the loops to get caught in the hooks and come off when the robot drives backwards. You can also try to place the loops horizontally because the hooks are at an angle. Then have an attachment that drops them on the hooks.