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FLL 2021: Build a configurable attachment - 10 out of 10 on how to accomplish the Sorting Center mission Pro Preview

This is a 10 out of 10 video tutorial demonstrating the consistency and reliability of a configurable attachment. The attachment is designed to accomplish the FIRST LEGO League 2021-2022 Cargo Connect mission model called Sorting Center. The mission model has 3 cargo objects that could be placed in a different way. The attachment is configurable and before the run we configure it for the specific way in which the mission model is set up before the start of the round.

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  • 28 Feb 2023
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This here is a ten out of ten tutorial for the sorting mission in the FIRST LEGO League Cargo Connect, it's an auto-correcting robot that has a configurable attachment. So we get a couple of things at the same time. It's a ten out of ten tutorial demonstrating how consistently reliable the robot this how it collects only two of the cargoes, how it is a configurable attachment, and how it auto aligns with the mission model.

First, we take a look at the mission model and we decide how to position the axles, how to configure the attachment we need to collect the blue and the green one. At the start of the competition, we see how they are positioned and we decide which of them. We decide where to place the axles. Move forward. We collect. That was first run. It was successful. For the second run, let's try to position the two cargoes, the blue and the green one at a different position.

We change how the attachment is configured. Move forward and we collect them. This is a rather consistent behavior of our robot and the whole attachment. One more try. We will place the blue one, the different place and the green one different place, and we change how the two axles are added to the attachment.

Move forward and we collect them. Notice how in each of the runs the robot aligns, squares itself with the mission model. Move forward and it squares itself, which allows us to auto correct. If there is a small error here, probably there was some error with the axle on the left side. It happened sometimes during recording. We forgot to push it. Something happened. What I wanted to say is be careful and notice how we square the robot to the mission model. We managed to get the robot to align with the mission model and this gives us a chance to compensate for the error that the robot makes. If the robot makes a small error and moves slightly to the left or to the right, we compensate with these two black beams that are at the front of the attachment.

Move forward, we collect a few more ones.

It's an attachment that is consistent, reliable and the robot is consistent and reliable when it moves. We can collect the cargoes each and every time. To make it a little bit more interesting, we change how the cargo objects are positioned inside of the mission model and we change also the configuration of the attachment.

Move forward, collect two more times

and finally, last try. Check out the other tutorials and fllcasts that are for ten out of ten that gives us a chance to show to correct and to compensate for the error. They are quite interesting and you can learn a lot from them. Here we see one example. Complex attachment does a few things at the same time and also how to correct. Last try. I hope you like it. I hope you learned a lot and I'll see you in the next tutorial.

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