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FLL 2022: Pull - How to accomplish M05 Smart grid with Chain Monster box robot - FIRST LEGO League SUPER POWERED 2022-2023 Pro Preview

In this video tutorial we pull the Smart grid mission model from the FIRST LEGO League 2022-2023 competition. The goal is to lift the hand to connect with the hand on the other team field. We do this my pulling on the attachment and we reuse the same "hand" that we have for collecting.

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  • 09 Apr 2024
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In this video tutorial, we accomplish the Smart Grid mission from the FIRST LEGO League 2022 - 2023, where we have to pull. And this will connect our hand, our smart grid hand, to the smart grid hand of the other team on the other side. That's the mission. We have to somehow pull on the mission model. Here, this is the second mission of the robot in its five-mission run. So, the robot first accomplishes one of the missions. And this is the second mission in the run. The robot goes next to the mission model, it aligns, it pulls, and it continues. It's worth seeing this mission from a different angle. Again, the robot must reach the mission model and pull.

We are looking for the black line. As we approach the black line, we align to the black line. (Check out the tutorial for programming, see the program.) And, as we align, we know exactly where we are, and we can accomplish the mission. Then, we continue to the next one. How does the attachment work? So, this here is the attachment. It's a complex multipurpose attachment that accomplishes five missions. At the front of the attachment, we have this container. And we have something like a door on this container, and we can close and open this door. And it's an interesting mechanism because there is this scissor mechanism there, there is this lever, and we can close and open. And this could serve and could help us with two things. First, we can close and pull. And second, we can just close the container and collect things in this container. That's the idea. This is how we reuse the same attachment for multiple missions. Here, as we close, we can pull. That's it. Hope this is useful and I'll see you in the next tutorial.

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