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Improving Count Lines and Arrays Usage for WRO Elementary 2013 Pro Preview

  • #227
  • 04 Sep 2016
  • 3:55

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In today's video we would improve the program for the World Robotics Olympiad 2013. And it will work like three times faster. And especially for dropping the different boxes in the different sectors. Let's see how we have achieved this.

Our old strategy was to do the following thing. Start from the green region here, move to the initial position right here at the fourth line and then come, drop a box return to initial position, come, drop another box, return to initial position, come drop another box. But each time we were returnig to initial position. And in this video we'll see a program where we have modified this behaviour. Let's first take a look at the old behaviour.

The new program will not return each time to the initial position. Insted, it will do the following thing. We come first with the initial position then we come to the green sector, we drop one of the boxes and then from here we calculate where we should go. Should we go to the blue or to the red? And we go for example, to the blue we leave a box here, we drop a box here and then we might return to the green and from green we might go to the red. But we don't return to the initial position each time. And this works much faster. Again, the program is a little bit more complicated but as a strategy it is much better to do this in the following way. Let's take a look at the new program.

As you have seen the new program it looks much better. In the next video we'll enter into details on how we program it.

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