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Box Robot Two. Frame for pinless attachments Pro Preview

In this Episode, we stop at the pinless attachments for the Box Robot 2 and especially for the constructing a frame. This frame is then used for further extending the robot with attachments.

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  • 27 Mar 2017
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Robot Building instructions

We have provided the building instructions for this robot as part of the whole course 

Box Robot Two. Fewer parts and one motor. Simplifying a robot. (this will require a course subscription)

Frame Building Instructions

Find the instructions in the course Box Robot Two. Fewer parts and one motor. Simplifying a robot. 

Why a frame

The whole frame is one large pinless attachment. If you have more parts it is much easier to build a few frames and use this frames for different attachments. The frame assures that you could have a stable pinless attachment. 

„Box“ робот 2 Рамка

Рамка за добавянето на приставки към робота. Когато използвате приставка, добавянето и свалянето на приставки без пинове става много бързо и лесно. Също така може да махнете и цялата рамка.

В рамката са използвани части от ЛЕГО Mindstorms EV3.



In this video that's the first one section for the attachments we'll start with building attachments for our Box Robot 2. When building attachments for our Box Robot what we try to do is to have all of the attachments as pinless attachments. So, you can first use the box of the robot and you can try to build attachments for this box but what we have done is to build a frame. A frame that's a pinless frame that we can just place on the robot. And when we are building attachments for our Box Robot we have the attachments on the frame and then we place the frame on the robot. Why? Because in the following videos we'll show you about 4 different attachments and it's very convenient to have the frame and to be able to place the different attachments on the frame and from there just move the frame. The interesting thing about the frame it's a pinless frame. You can find the building instructions in the course for this frame. When you place it on the robot you get one attachment for free right here at the front of the robot.

When I now rotate the motor

you can see the axle at the front of the robot that also rotates and we have an extending attachment and this attachment extends the axle. And right here on the inside we have one more axle and we add the frame

we extend the axle further to the front. So, that's one of the first things that you can use this extending frame for and the way we extend the axle.

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