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Tetrix FTC. Construct a ball collecting attachment - add a plastic plate Pro Preview

How to add a plastic plate to the FIRST Technical Challenge Robot build with Tetrix. The plastic plate is for collecting the balls. The plate should rotate and should be connected to the axle.

  • #568
  • 17 May 2017
  • 7:18

Size of the plastic plate

The first thing you should decide on is the size of the plastic plate to add to the robot. The material is just plastic. Find it in you local tools shop.

Cut the whole in the plastic

Take the 160 mm flat channel and add it to the middle of the plate. Take the screwdriver. You first it in the middle and you start to rotate and push marking the whole on which to add the screws. 

Fix/mount the plastic plate to the axle

Use the nuts and the screws. We fix the axle between the flat channel and the plastic plate. There is some friction that would keep the plastic plate fixed. 


FTC PushBot Modified Robot for Collecting Balls with Plastic Plate

These are buliding instructions for the FTC robot and collecting attachments with it. We are doing small modifications of the push bot.

FTC Tetrix Ball Collecting Mechanism for PushBot

Building instructions with dimensions on the ball collecting mechanism for the FIRST Technical Challenge Push Bot. The collecting mechanism should be attached to the Chassis - https://www.fllcasts.com/materials/382-ftc-push-bot-chassis-from-tetrix

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