Robot Game Scores For FLL 2017 Hydrodynamics

In the past two weeks, we've received a lot of questions on what points are teams getting in FLL. So we decided to post what we know and to ask you to post your score. 

FLL Hydrodynamics class=

BIG DISCLAIMER AND IMPORTANT NOTE BECAUSE WE HAVE TO SAY THIS: We think that in FLL Robot Competition it is much more important to have a stable robot, achieving the same number of points on every run. This we think is a better robot than the one that rarely makes a good result. 

That being said below are some of the results that we know of and are mainly from Central Europe. (come on USA, Austalia, Canada we know you are doing FLL). 

Document provided and maintained Nano Giants academy

Fill your own score and we could share it with the rest of the users.

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