FIRST Tech Challenge

"My team is no longer participating in FLL and we've moved to FTC"

Starting with FIRST Tech Challenge

It is more difficult than FLL. That is true. First, you must choose the set and we've prepared a number of resources for the Tetrix robotics set.

Image for Tetrix Box Robot chassis for FTC competitions

Tetrix Box Robot chassis for FTC competitions

We've built a box robot chassis that could easily be extended with attachments for FIRST Technical Challenge competition.

If you ever felt that FIRST Technical Challenge is difficult and you don't know where to start from, building this Tetrix robot is the first thing that you could do. You would have 4 motors, plenty of space for attachments and good access to the phone.

The robot is built from a Tetrix Set without additional parts. It's a winning robot in just 109 steps 

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