Sorting sheet for EV3 Mindstorms Set (Bulgarian language)


We want students to be able to easily find the parts and to put the parts back in the designated compartments.

Printing instructions

Files are printed on both sides of 160-gram sheet of paper A3 format.

The sorting sheet is designed to fit in the cover of the box. To gather in the lid, the excess parts of the printed sheet must be cut off the markers on the front of the sheet.

To extend the life of the sheets, you can laminate them either with a "laminate matte" or a simple laminate. The disadvantage of the simple laminate is that there is a lot of gloss. The disadvantage of laminate matte is that it has to be sealed with a clear PVA C-200 adhesive to prevent it from opening over time.

Turning direction

We recommend printing doublesided and turning over the "short edge", like a book. If you decide, you may flip the printed result over the long side. Both options are available at you local print center.


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  • 01 Aug 2017

To construct this you will need

  • FIRST LEGO League 2018-2019 Into Orbit Challenge Set

Lego parts and their places in the box

Every part has its place in the box and you should return all parts to where they belong.