Survive the Lockdown – guide for STEM and robotics clubs

It's hard to survive, but closing is not an option


You know how your robotics & STEM club is closed and will probably stay closed for a lot of time. You've spent years building the business, the classes and the community of parents, teachers and students. As there are no more classes you might feel frustrated and even angry as you are about to lose a lot. It is difficult to survive. There is a lot of new information about what you could do now. You could do programming or virtual robotics, but then you run into the questions: With what software? What environments? Is there even anything you could offer to parents and students? What no one tells you is what to do and you feel hesitant and unsure. There is always the possibility to close the club, but we believe this will deprive students from a lot of experiences and knowledge. And let's face it - closing is not an option for you. Opening online is the only right decision you can make. Moving online seems controversial to a lot of parents and teachers, but that's the world we live in and we should all adapt.

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We forbid you to give up! You must survive!

We must survive!

"Together" is the most important word right now, even though we're separated and social distanced. We can survive together by sharing our experience and our knowledge.

It might seem unbelivable, but you can continue working with students and keep the community of parents and teachers you've build through the years. It is simple - just keep working with the students, guiding them, helping them, teaching them online.

They trust you and they need you. A teacher that could be replaced by a robot is a teacher that should be replaced by a robot.


Benefits of the guide


Take over the control of your club online with this free "Survive the Lockdown – guide for STEM & robotics clubs" course. You only need to register and you will learn how to:

  • Move online and expand your business, instead of closing it.
  • Keep more than 75% of your students enrolled and working in your club.
  • Attract new ones.
  • Keep the community of parents and teachers you've build through the years and even expand it.
  • Share your problems and receive free ideas for solutions from professional STEM academy with more than 10 years experience in the field of online and offline robotics classes.

The solution

The simple formulation of the solution – if you are a STEM & robotics club and you don't want to close the door for your students, you have to open a virtual one.

We've started working on our guide for robotics & STEM clubs, teachers and schools to help them with structured ideas, courses and recommendation on what they could add to their activities and keep students engaged & participating during the lockdown. This free course includes both online, virtual, on screen and offline activities at which students can join in.

What we do is figuring out ideas for how a STEM club could survive during a lockdown. We develop those ideas and share them with you in the course. You receive an email for every new idea - lesson - we publish. Some of the lessons will require you to use other tools that might need a specific subscription, but it is your choice whether you are going to subscribe or not and how to develop the idea.


How many ideas are we going to share with you?


We don't know. We are now starting. We've already released the first course of 10 classes of 30 minutes each that you could conduct with your students.

In fact, one of the academies we've been experimenting for the first few weeks of the quarantine has managed to keep about 75% of students enrollments and has found new ways to provide valuable learning experience for students. You could learn as insider and do the same with your STEM & robotics club.

What no one tells you...

What no one tells you is that even after months many parents will feel concerned to let their students participate in clubs, but by changing your portfolio you could turn this into an advantage for your club and allow students to participate remotely.

The good news is that even after the quarantine is over you could use this courses and activities to expand and grow the club.


You can make it work

These are the reasons we've decided to share all of this with you - we can make it work. You can make it work! STEM clubs and after-class activities are one of the three pillars in students education - parents, school and after-class activities. If we lose one of them, the balance will be broken.



With all this you could keep more than 75% of your students enrolled and working in your club.

  • The course is free and you basically risk nothing to register and try those ideas out.
  • Get additional support from the FLLCasts crew of professional STEM teachers, engineers and programmers.
  • You can enroll each student in any of the courses for less than $3 a month. They will have access to the robot, programs, activities.
  • We could help with a 15% coupon for FLLCasts Teachers Subscription for enrolled users.

A Subscription will also give you access to:

  • More than 500+ robot building instructions
  • Full curriculum of 156 robotics classes with WeDo, LEGO Mindstorms, Raspberry PI.
  • Hundreds of programs.
  • Thousands of tasks.
  • 34000+ minutes of video tutorials.
  • Teacher's Notes
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"We've decided to experiment with this survival guide and we were astonished, when we realized that we've managed to keep more than 75% of our students enrolled and working in our club - and this is only after we've implemented the first few ideas. Moreover, we've already received a positive feedback from the parents of one of our students. And this is only after the first released course for "Scratch". We were sceptical at first, because the courses are free, but it actually works. At least it works for us. But the great thing is that there is nothing to lose, if you try. So I recommend you to just try it out."

Who are we and why do we think we can handle it?

Well, weve been publishing FLL and Robotics tutorials for robotics & STEM clubs for more then 10 years now.
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The "Survive the Lockdown – guide for STEM & robotics clubs" is free. You only have to register and you will have access to all published ideas and receive an email with the new ones. Note that some lessons require you to use other tools that might need a specific subscription, but it is your choice whether you are going to subscribe or not and how to develop the idea.