Teacher's Note: Solving the tasks for following the direction of the wind Pro Preview

The goal of this class is for students to learn and practice following a line with a three states program. 

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  • 20 May 2019

The first task in construction and theory reviews the sensor from last lesson. The goal of the task is to show that turning has a limit, but the number helps with the additional tasks.

The goal of the first two tasks for programming is to warm up.

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For the next tasks you will need something to mark the island. Tape to the floor or a LEGO box would be perfect. 

The goal of the tasks is to keep the sails pointing in the same direction, independent from where the robot is pointing itself. With two conditions in the program this is exactly like the program from the previous lesson. The sails move left-right. Pay attention for the students not to set the power to high, because then the robot just "claps" with the sails. 

Turning around the island is just symbolic and designed to give students the chance to realize the problems of the programs with two states. To turn around the island they must start while still far from it. The turn should not be large. 

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The last two tasks help students to develop a three states program for following the wind, just like it is shown in the lesson. The only thing that is shown differently and could confuse them in this case is that the program should stop the sails. 

You could find the program here:  https://www.fllcasts.com/programs/i9jdwn-program-for-the-ev3-sailship-robot-yolanda

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