Teacher's Notes - How to conduct the "Off road truck" class Pro Preview

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  • 02 Sep 2019

In the taskĀ "Put the truck on a stand, so that its right wheels touch the ground and the left ones do not" the students are expected to build the stands themselves. A stand could be any object that the robot could be put on, so that the side of the robot with the left wheels would be in the air.

In the task where LEGO parts are put into the lid of the LEGO Mindstorms set's box, make sure a student won't turn his/her box over himself/herself. All parts have to be into the lid and all lids should be put on the ground, where the robots would be moving. The robots have to start moving outside the lids, then climb onto the lid, move through the obstacles in it and exit from the opposite side. If the trucks have difficulties climbing the edge of the lid, you can allow students to start the trucks directly into the lid.

For the bonus task "Make a cargo caring truck competition" all lids can be arranged one after another and trucks can be started one by one as you measure their time. This bonus task is done only if all the students have finished the main tasks in the lesson. Otherwise, let the students figure out how to compete.

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