How to start "from" Scratch? Preview

Scratch is a very good platform for you to start learning to program. Here's how you can start and what you need to know for your initial orientation.

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  • 20 Mar 2020

To get into Scratch, you can search it up in Google, or you can click here!

To the left, you will find the programming blocks. They are divided into 9 sections of color-coded circles. In each section, we have further block divisions that we will cover in another lesson.

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The center consists of a big blank field, where you will place the blocks of your program.

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To the lower right, you will find all the sprites (characters, weapons, etc.) and backgrounds for your program.

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Above them is the screen of the program itself. That's where everything you have programmed and want to display is shown.

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Slightly above the screen, there are two buttons for starting and stopping your program. They help control what and when starts or stops in your program. 

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