How to switch between sprites costumes in Scratch Preview

We can always manually change the costume in Scratch, but sometimes we might want to change it while the program is running.

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  • 26 Mar 2020

Manually switching the character costume

You can change the costumes of your characters inside your programs or by selecting that you wish for it to use to the left of the drawing tools:

content picture

Costume change block in a program

The block that helps us achieve this is located in the purple palette and it's called "switch costume to":content picture

In the menu of this block, you will see the names of the costumes written out in a list. If you have not changed their names they will be named "costume" followed by a number. When this block is executed, the costume currently on the sprite will be changed to the costume displayed on the block.

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Warning: Costumes are not returned to their original state. In order to not forget to fix the costumes on every sprite before every start of a program, we recommend placing a block at the beginning of the program to do this for you.

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