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Programs such as those that operate our air conditioners must repeat until they are stopped by a person. This is also true for the programs of our robots. Here's how to make your program repeat until it meets a condition set by you.

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  • 11 Jun 2020

The "while" repeats the code set by him while the condition set by you is true/met.

Here's what this operator would look like in your code:

while condition:
    (code that repeats when the condition returns false)
(code that will execute after the end of the loop)

⚠️ Notice the colon after the condition. It's common to forget to place it and students wonder why the program doesn't work!

If you set a condition that will always be met, then the code inside the "while" operator will repeat until you manually stop it. An example of such a condition is "True":

while True:
    (code that will execute indefinitely)
(code that will never be reached)

In such a case, the program will indefinitely repeat the code that's within the "while" operator, which is why it will never execute the code after it.

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