FLL 2020: How to accomplish the Equipment Bonus

“Doing the same with less” can save time and space.

We start with the first mission - trying to build attachments that are small and tidy and the Gazon robot allows us to do so. With a few pictures you can see how the robot should be placed along with all the attachments

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  • 20 Jul 2021

To get the equipment bonus points, the robot and all its attachments have to fit in a small area next to the base. This includes any strategic accessories, and your Innovation Project.

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The spaces each have a ceiling 12.0 in. (305 mm) high.

If it does not fit in the small area next to the base, it must fit in the large area next to it, as shown in the picture below, This however will NOT earn you the equipment bonus points.

Picture of 1742-equiptment-bonus-0-points

If the robot and all its attachments do not fit in the large area, break the excess down or send it to the pit area.

Picture of 1742-equiptment-bonus-mistake


  • If all your equipment fits in the small inspection space: 25 points


When you get to each match, remove all your equipment from any containers and show the referee you can fit it all in the small inspection space. See Rule 09 for details.

  • All equipment needs to be LEGO made, in original factory condition.
    • Exception 1: LEGO string and tubing can be cut to length.
    • Exception 2: You can put identification marks in hidden areas.
  • Factory-made wind-up/pull-back “motors” are not allowed.
  • Additional/duplicate mission models are not allowed.
  • Non-electric LEGO pieces are allowed from any set. You may use as many as you like.
  • - Use only building pieces – not the packaging, clothing, and so on.
    - Stickers are allowed only as originally shown in LEGO building instructions.
    - One sheet of notebook paper is okay for program notes only and does not count as equipment.
  • Electric LEGO equipment is allowed only as described and shown here (LEGO Education SPIKE™ Prime and MINDSTORMS® EV3 shown, but equivalent NXT and RCX are also allowed).
  • Only ONE controller is allowed in any match.
  • Any mix, maximum of four in any one match.
  • Only touch/force, color, distance/ultrasonic, and gyro sensors are allowed in any mix and any number.


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