FLL 2021: Deliver a model - How to accomplish Innovation Project Model Pro Preview

In this video tutorial we deliver the Innovation project model from base to the cargo connect marker on the field. The goal of the mission is to deliver. The mission model is assembled before that.

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  • 16 Sep 2022
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In this video tutorial. We start with FIRST LEGO League Innovation project from the Cargo Connect competition. This hear is our Cargo Connect mission model. And the goal of the competition of the mission is to bring this model to the Cargo Connect marker on the field. So we start from base and we take the mission model there. We deliver the mission model. For this, we use our LEGO Education SPIKE Prime robot with a small attachment. The robot starts from base, it moves, turns left, then right, then move forward and we arrive at the Cargo Connect marker on the field. And we successfully deliver our mission model starting now from the same place. But we are recording from a different. Angle to see how the mission looks like. Again, this is the mission model. We mark the location where we start from base and it's important to start always from the same place. We've also added this attachment at the front of the robot built from LEGO Education SPIKE Prime attachment is to guide the mission model while delivering it in the Cargo Connect marker on the field. It's a delivery mission. We build the mission model in the competition. We design it there and start from base move and we deliver it to the marker. Let's see how it looks.

That's it. You can explore with other similar missions. See you in the next tutorial.

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