FLL 2021: Deliver a model - 10 out of 10 on how to accomplish Innovation Project Model Pro Preview

This is a 10 out of 10 tutorial demonstrating the consistency and reliability of a LEGO Education SPIKE Prime robot when the robot delivers a mission model to a specific position on the field.

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  • 16 Sep 2022
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In this video tutorial, we are doing a ten out of ten on the innovation project from the FIRST LEGO League Cargo Connect. This here is our innovation project model. And the goal of the competition is to deliver this innovation project model from the base to this cargo connect marker that's here on the field. For this, we are using our LEGO Education SPIKE prime robot with a small attachment and let's do a ten out of ten runs to see how successful the mission is. First run, we start move forward, turn left, move forward, turn left. And we deliver the innovation project model to the Cargo Connect marker. Second run. That's an easy mission that you can start with and it's not very difficult to deliver the innovation project to the marketer. And there are a couple of other similar missions from previous competitions and you can take a look and see how they are implemented. The point here is that it's an easy mission, something that you can start with. Can you combine it with other missions? Can you do it in a way that also, while delivering this innovation model, you could probably try to accomplish some of the other missions? In our case, we decided to record just this innovation project model mission and the goal is to demonstrate how to successfully bring how to successfully deliver such model to a specific location on the field.

Continue. Move forward, deliver. What you can see is that we are not bringing the robot back to base as again it's a good idea to, once you're out of the base, to use this momentum that you are already out to accomplish a number of missions in the same run. Because if we try to accomplish one mission each run, it simply isn't enough time. Like the time is 150 seconds and it's not enough.

Do you need the attachment at the front? Well, yes, technically you need this attachment because when you turn with the robot, what will happen is that if there isn't something to limit the movement of the model of this innovation project model, what will happen is that it will move to the left or to the right and we will lose it. That's why we have this pinless attachment at the front. And this pin attachment has two guiding axles. And with this axles, it's easy to keep the model in place.

You see that we haven't lost it even a single time. It's a successful accomplishment of the mission every time we go out of pace. And it doesn't have to be something complex, especially with these kind of missions. It would be move forward turn, move forward turn and the robots are quite capable. Now, if the car will connect circle right there on the right was smaller, probably we would have to be more precise, but it's large enough that we can avoid to be not very precise and to successfully accomplish the mission every time.

One more time. Turn, move forward, and it's been the ten out of ten runs for this mission. See you in the next tutorial.

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