Best Seed for the longest living seed in a 6x6 field. Robotics Game of Life Pro Preview

The task is to find what the best seed is that will live the longest without entering into a loop or without dying. Find it and submit in the tasks section.

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  • 17 Mar 2016
  • 4:02

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Here is an interesting task I would like to give you and the task is the following. In a matrix of 6x6 and in this matrix you set different cells to be alive and different cells to be dead. And what you have to do is: Find the initial seeds that will result in the most living generations without the generation dying or without entering into a loop.

Now if I have this generation here as it is and in this generation I just start a game

What will happen is that it will enter this is the first generation, the second and it will enter into a loop. So, we have this case where we enter into a loop and the next generation is actually the same as the previous. So, we are entering in a loop. Another case that we can have. I'll run it again, select 6x6

and I'll just mark this cell as living, this cell as living and this cell as living. What will happen now let's see. Run. And we have the first generation and the second generation and on the third generation we are dead. So, we've been alive for two generations. After the initial sheet we have been alive for two generations. And that's the second case. What we are looking for is to have the most generations alive in a 6x6 infinite field. For example, if I said

this to be like like this, for example,

and I start a game now.

How many generations will this initial seed leave? One, two,

and you can see that it continues to live and it does not enter into a loop. And none of the next generations is the same as the previous. And this will continue for for 10 generations and on the tenth generation we've entered into a loop. Now, the question, the task is: Find an initial seed for a 6x6 field. Experiment with this program that will have the most generations alive. And what you should do is mark your answer below the video in the following way. You should do it in the following way. Just leave this as zeros and ones. For example,

if you have this grid, what you should do is just present your answer as zeros and ones. If this cell is alive, just mark it as 1. And if this cell is dead, just mark it as 0. And your answer should look like 1(space) 0(space) 1(space) 1 for example if this is alive and this is alive (space)0 (space)0. And the same for the second row, and for the third and the fourth. Check out below the video for the different requirements for your answer.