Dropping a LEGO human carrier. FIRST LEGO League Trash Trek 2015 Pro Preview

This is a very interesting idea that is worth sharing with the rest of the teams and the ELM team has provided it to us. Check out how they drop a LEGO human at a specific place.

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  • 08 May 2016
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FIRST LEGO League Trash Trek 2015

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Mechanism for dropping a LEGO human carrier

Interesting and useful attachment for dropping a LEGO human at a specific location. It uses a lever and a gear wheel. When the lever is pressed the wheel rotates.

The attachment is constructed from LEGO Mindstorms EV3 sets.


The next mission from the First Lego League 2015 Trash Trek is actually the carriers. And we've built a mechanism for dropping this carrier on the field. Let's see how it works.

The idea of this attachment is pretty simple. We have the carrier and we place it right here. Then we load it. And we add this attachment to the robot. And we move with the robot on the field and we reach the place where we want to leave, to drop this carrier and we just push this attachment. What happens is that it rotates and the carrier falls. Again, from the other side I'll just load it I'll load it like this and we move forward, we move, we move, we move and we just push.

What happens is that we rotate a gear wheel here and the carrier falls at a given place on the field. So, it's a pretty interesting way to solve this mission. If you've solved this mission in any other way, just send an email or leave a comment section below with a video and a picture so that we can explain further probably your solution.

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