Box Robot Two. Transferring power from the motors.

The robot uses one middle motor. This middle motor with the use of a few gear systems controls for different axsels. We have attached wheels on this axles so it is very easy to extend the robot construction for additional LEGO Mindstorms active attachments

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  • 11 Dec 2016
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We have provided the building instructions for this robot as part of the whole course 

Box Robot Two. Fewer parts and one motor. Simplifying a robot. (this will require a course subscription)

Box Robot Active Attachment at the top

Active robot attachment for the LEGO Mindstorms EV3 Box robot chassis. The attachment is placed on the top of the robot and uses a system of two gear wheels to transfer the motion to a lever and to .... lift things.


In this video let's discuss how do we actually add attachments to this robot. And how do we transform power from the motors to these attachments.

In some of the next videos we'll of course build specific examples for attachments but let's start from something very simple. We have one medium motor and with this one medium motor we rotate different wheels. What we are doing is we rotate this wheel here. We also rotate two wheels that are positioned right here. How do we do this? Now if you take a closer look here or on the building instructions of this robot you can see that there is a system of gears involved. And this system of gears to the following things. If you need to lift something heavy so you need more torque and more power you must add the attachment to this wheel here. And you have this black wheel and you also have a gray wheel. So, you can choose where to add the attachment and how to transform power from the attachment. If you need some lever to be activated very quickly and some lever that does not require any heavy lifting or much power and torque and it will require more speed you can just add the attachments right here. And in this way with the same motor you have different speeds of the attachments. Also if you need to rotate one attachment forward and another backward this happens with these two wheels here. They rotate forward and backward. And you also have one more wheel right here that is directly connected to the motor so it actually does not

transfer the power through a system of gears but is actually connected to the motor. So, we have one that is connected to the motor through a gear system and that has probably the same speed as the motor. Two that have faster speed and one again that is connected to the same axle of the motor. So, we have a number of options of where would you like to add an attachment. You can have an overall of four attachments that you can control in the same time. And that makes the robot very interesting. What you should do is try to implement different frames for pinless attachments that you can add just about the robot and from there transfer the power from the motor to the attachment.

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