Arduino Basic Course. Introduction

Answering three questions:

Why - because we believe any student and basically anybody must have a basic understanding of how electronic works. This course gives us the chance to present it and to move forward to better and smarter robots.

How - we do videos, we set tasks. You solve them.

What - we are using Arduino. Because it is popular, it is easy and we like it. 

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  • 15 Nov 2016
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One of the tasks that we would solve is to construct a device. With the device we can play Rock-Paper-Scissors. A popular game in the whole world. For playing the game we use a few diodes and a few buttons along with resistors and the Arduino Microcontroller


In this course you would learn how to work with different electronic elements and how to control them with a programming language. It might sound difficult at first but it's very very simple. In the course we would use a special but very popular set called Arduino. One of the amazing tasks that we would solve is to construct a primitive device like this one here. It is not actually a robot. It is a device. And with this device we can play rock-paper-scissors. This is how it works. This is the button for rock, for paper, for scissors. And now I play rock, and the robot played scissors and I won. Then I'll play paper and robot played paper and we are even. Follow the structure of the course and in a number of hours you would learn a lot.

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