Arduino Basic Course. How to use it with students

The course is designed for classes of students, but it could also be used personally. Each module should take you about 20 minutes and depending on how long your student hours are and how much time you will leave the students to experiment and solve tasks you could include different numbers of modules in your class.

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  • 15 Nov 2016
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If you finish the modules for the classes you can continue to the next one or stop and experiment further. The course offers a structure. It is completely find to do improvisations. Listen to what the student are asking and what they would like to do. Share the ideas with us. Ask us tough questions. We are here to help you.


When using the course with students there are a couple of things you need to know. Each module of the course will take you approximately one hour. This is one, one astronomical hour. Yes, it is possible for a group of students depending on the size of the group and their age to solve the tasks faster and to move through the module faster. And then you have two options. First, continue with the next module or stop here on working with more complex tasks in the course and making more experiments with the device. The course offers a structure. It is completely fine to do improvisations. Listen to what the students would like to do, to their ideas. This is a process of creativity that should not be stopped because of the structure of the course. Share your most interesting ideas with us. Challenge us with problems and questions and we and the community is here to help each of us find the answer.

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