VEX EDR Intro. Spin with the VEX robot. Spin right Pro Preview

Spinning with the VEX EDR robot involves the use of both motors. The left and the right. Every robot with wheels could spin and this makes not exceptions.

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  • 25 Mar 2017
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Spin turn

If a robot is turning around its centre with both motors working in different directions than it spins. For spinning, we set the power of one of the motors to a negative number to make it move backwards.

motor[port2] = 50;

motor[port3] = -50;


The robot could also turn in a different way. It can move one of the motors forward and the other backward. And this could make the robot turn in this way. Let's do a short program and see it as the end of this resource.

And now let's implement the program.

In the program what we have to do to achieve this spin turn is to set the value of the motor on port 3 to -50. This will make the motor turn backward and the other will turn forward and this will make the robot spin turn. So, turn and place. And that's basically the program. Let's run it again and see how it works.

The robot is turning and sometimes this turn is called spin turn. Again.

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