VEX EDR Intro. Arc turn with the VEX robot Pro Preview

The next important step when turning with a robot is to learn how to do an Arc turn.

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  • 26 Mar 2017
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Turn in an Arc

To turn in an arch just set different power to each of the motors. This will make on of the motors move faster than the other and from there the figure that is "drawn" by the robot while it is moving will look like an arc.


motor[port2] = 100;

motor[port3] = 20;

In this way, the motor on port 2 will move faster than the motor on port 3 and the whole robot will move in an arc. 



At this video we'll look at the third type of turning. We call it an Arc turn. And sometimes you need it because you need some more precise movements with the robot. At the end of the resource we'll have this type of turning. The robot turns in an arc.

We have our program for moving forward with the robot. And in this program what we'll do is just change the values for the power of motor 2 and motor 3. These are the left motor and the right motor. First, I'll set this motor to 100 and this motor to 20. This will make the motor connected on port 2 that's the left motor turn faster than the other motor. And at the end we just wait for 1000 milliseconds which is a second. Let's see the program.

The robot turns in an arc.

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