Task for fixing the EasyBot robot construction

Do it yourself, fix the errors in the construction of the EasyBot

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  • 29 Jan 2017
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Correct the rear wheels

Change the friction axle-pins for the rear wheels with frictionless pins.
Remove the tires from the rear wheels, if you have added any.


Corrections on the motors

Add bushes around the wheel rims. One between the wheel and the motor, and one on the outside of the wheel so that it does not accidentally fall off.
And finally, connect the motors to the brick at a second contact point so that the motors are more stable.



It's time for you to experiment and actually fix the common problems with our Easy Bot. First, change the friction pin at the back, then add some bushes between the wheel and the motor and stabilize the motor by connecting it to the brick at the back of the motor. With this ready, you'll have a pretty good robot with which you can do a number of tasks.

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