Sound block in EV3-G software. How to say "Hello" with the robot Pro Preview

Let's learn how to use the Sound block.

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  • 24 Apr 2017
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The Sound block

Find the Sound block in the green "action" pallette.
The default mode of the block is "Play file".
Choose Lego sounds from the top right corner and browse all preset sound files.
The "Hello" greeting is in the "Communication" folder.


Our robot can make expressions but it can also make sounds. For example, it can move forward to us

and greet us with a 'Hello!'. Opening the software.

First, we take a steering block

and this steering block we make it move forward for 2 rotations. Then we take the sound block and it's again in the green palette. And in the sound block in the upper right corner we can select 'Lego sounds' then we can select 'Communication'. And in 'Communication' we have 'Hello'. We also have 'Hi'. But we thought that probably a robot will say hello to us. Because it sounds more formal. And we can then download and run it.

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