Teacher's Notes about sound and display blocks Pro Preview

How to keep the discipline in the classroom and how to cheer up the students.

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  • 25 Apr 2017
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Keep it strict at the start

There are many sounds that the robot can make. There are many expressions to show. We start with a smile and a greeting to set a productive tone in the classroom.
Later on, when every new subject is covered, you, as a teacher, can let students explore and play.
Simply don't start with a kung-fu program at the very start. There will be chaos up until end of the class!

Add a promise

One trick for a teacher in a class is to promise that you will show something "cool" once all tasks are solved. And then do the "kung-fu" sound robot.
That adds some "effort and reward" dynamics in the classroom and usually strengthens the teacher's authority in the classroom.


It is not always necessary to do a smile and to say hello with the robot. So, today with the teacher note I'll stop at this.

The first program that we wanted to do with the students was this one. The robot moves with an angry face and at the end it's a kung-fu sound. And we thought that this will be very funny.

The concern with this approach is that if this is the first task that you do with the students you'd probably lose the discipline in the class. Because they'll start experimenting with all the other sounds and from there build all the other programs which is from one point of view very good but let's first leave them to implement the smile and the hello and it happens naturally. They are curious and they start experimenting with the block and they'll find most of the interesting sounds by themselves. And you can also use this task if the whole class is more quiet and you'd like to add more energy into the class you can use this program. Just an angry face with a kung-fu sound. But be careful because you can lose the discipline in the class.

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