EV3 Phi. Task - acceleration and deceleration

Use any blocks that you wish to solve the following task.

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  • 17 Apr 2017
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The robot accelerates in small steps to 100% power.
Move some distance at 100% power.
Then the robot slowly decelerates to 0% power.



All the time the cup is on the display of the brick and does not fall off.
Of course, don't attach the cup to the display, just place the cup on the display.


A task for you. Using only the blocks that you know or using any of the blocks of the software, of course, we won't stop you. Try to implement a program where the robot accelerates in small steps to 100% of the power of the motors. And at the end the robot should be moving with 100%. Then the robot decelerates to 0 and the cup does not fall. The cup always stays on the display of the brick. Without you gluing it or in some other way attaching it. Just placing the cup on the brick screen. Try to program the robot to accelerate to 100 and then decelerate to 0.

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