Tetrix FTC. How to prepare a container to store balls and what should you buy Pro Preview

The tutorial is about what are the parts that you should buy to have the Ball Collecting mechanism. 

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  • 29 May 2017
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PVC Pipe

Our pipe is 110mm in diameter with thin walls. You can take a pipe with other dimensions for width/height depending on the objects that you are about to collect. The pipe is with thin walls. 

Cap for the pipe

You place the cap at the top of the pipe to prevent the balls from escaping from the pipe.


In a new robotics tutorial, we would do a short tutorial on how to use different tools to cut the pipe. Prepare a drill, grinding stone, hex saw.


In this episode I would like to discuss what you should buy, what are the different parts because these are not parts that are directly included in the set so you should acquire them, buy them and have them on your class or in your team to continue the course and to build this Ball Collecting Mechanism. First, you need a pipe and this here is a PVC pipe and in our case it's 110 mm in diameter. This is about 4 inch. And it is with thin walls. I'll open it right here and show it on the camera. So, it's a pipe with thin walls and the size of the pipe because there are different pipes with different lengths, with different diameters you can choose the size based on the diameter of the objects that you are going to collect. And this pipe is designed for the FTC balls. These balls here are slightly smaller than the FTC balls but I currently have them for the recording of the video so we have these balls and the pipe is with a size that's suitable for these balls. So, if you need to collect something larger, probably you'll need a larger pipe. And that's about the pipe. Also for the pipe we have a cap. It's a PVC cap that we put on top of the pipe like this again I'll show it on the camera and this will prevent the balls from escaping the pipe because when you are collecting them and we store them in the pipe and they could actually escape from the pipe from the other side. That's why we need this PVC cap. We would also need some tools in the following few tutorials because we need to cut this pipe. And for cutting we need of course a drill. Now, there are different tools and we'll prepare an entirely new video of how we can use the different tools to cut the pipe but for you to know now at the start of this section is that we'll need a drill. We'll need a drill if we have a grinding stone with this drill. We also need a hacksaw and it will be good if you have a hacksaw to cut this pipe and we also can use some other instruments in the process but these are the most important ones. So, try to prepare them and to have them around the classroom or around the place where you're gathering and building this robot and we'll use them to cut the pipe.

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