Tetrix FTC. Cut a pipe with an opening with specific shape. User a template Pro Preview

Take the hacksaw, the drill and let's cut the pipe.

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  • 28 Jun 2017
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Use the template

The template is already prepared for this video. Just use it from the materials section. Apply the paper template over the pipe and draw around it with a marker. After that, it is just a matter of using the different tools to remove part of the pipe materials.

Straight lines with a hacksaw

While preparing for the FIRST Technical Challenge competition it is important to learn how to use the different tools. A hacksaw should be used to cut in straight lines. If you do not cut in straight lines you might break it. Of course, you can try it, but we advise you not to do it :)


FTC cut template for a pipe to collect and store balls

Drawing on how to cut a pipe to be able to collect and store balls in this pipe. The sheet format is ISO A4 and the drawing size is real (100% scale)


In this tutorial we'll cut the pipe and an opening on this pipe with a specific shape. You must have this template for cutting below the video and we'll cut the pipe to this shape. Again, the problem is that you want to cut some opening on this pipe and you must mark with a marker and at the end with the tools you must remove parts of the pipe. But how exactly do you draw something on the pipe with a specific shape? You prepare a template. A template on a piece of paper. How exactly you prepare this template is a subject for an entirely different course probably because it requires some calculations and a use of some drawing software and it can also be done by hand but it's another subject. Now you have this prepared. If you are interested, we'll provide you with links to other parts of the course where you'll be able to prepare such template but for now we have this template. What we do is we place the template over the pipe and now we draw around this template. You can see that the template was used before for the other pipe that we use for the robot. And I'll just place the template, wrap it around the pipe and then mark

just check that it's aligned correctly and then mark with the marker.

And that's it. Now we have a nice mark around the pipe and what we must do is remove this part of the pipe following the marker. When cutting we'll start with the hacksaw and this will remove most of the pipe from this marked area and then we have the grinding stone for finishing and for smoothing the end result. I'll remove the template and now we can start cutting. How do we cut? We cut for example we start from here and we don't follow the marker because it's difficult to follow with a hacksaw it's possible but it's difficult so we cut roughly near the marker. Something like this and then we finish with the stone. Let's start with the cut.

This is then end result that we have. We have the pipe, we have the cuts and when using the hacksaw try to cut in a straight line because otherwise you can break it. Of course with this PVC pipe probably not but it's a general rule when cutting with a hacksaw, follow a straight line. At the end we have this and now we need to use the drill with the grinding stone.

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