A robot a 'day'. Time to attach a first sensor and explore with the Space Explorer Pro Preview

We call the next robot Space Explorer. It is part of our classes in robots and is like the 7th robot in the sequence, but we decided to make it the third robot in "A robot a 'day'". The goal of the robot is to explorer and that's why it has an Ultrasonic Sensor. So get yourself ready.


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  • 05 Dec 2017

Using the ultrasonic sensor

With the ultrasonic sensor, we would do a number of tasks. If you haven't now it's a good time to check the Ultrasonic Sensor section of the EV3 Basic Course. Introduction to robot programming, construction and sensor use

Additional Part

You might see in some of our robots the following part

This is a LEGO Technic Flat Panel 5 x 11 (64782). Most of the time this part is not mandatory. We add it to make the robot more beautiful and complete here and there. It is worth the exercise of trying to replace this part with others that you have in your set.

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