Name of the parts in a opened Remote Control car Pro Preview

Give it a name and you will have power over it. I learned this from an MIT professor. So let's give the part of the car names. Then we could refer to them. Talk to them. Change them. Do all kinds of things with them. Give it a name and you will have power over it.

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  • 20 Feb 2018


Front Motor, Back Motor, Diodes, Cables, Controller (default), Switch

The car when opened

Front Motor

Locate the front motor at the ... front of the car. It is this small white element. Or at least this is its body.

Back Motor

Diodes - use for the car lights


This is the default controller. The one that we are going to remove



The switch is used for turning the car on an off. It is connected to the batteries. We will keep the switch.


Well, you can see them. They are all over the place.

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