Programming a menu with Mindstorms NXT-G software Pro Preview

The last thing you want to lose during every robotics competition is time for changing the programs on the brick. This could require seconds and as we all know every second counts. There are a few ways to improve the way of choosing programs. In this video lesson we will show you how to program a menu directly in your program. 

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  • 15 Mar 2013
  • 13:12

The menu could contain 4 subprograms and you will skip pressing the "Back" button of the brick or pressing the "Orange" button twice to run a program. Just select and run. It is a very powerful paradigm that includes the use of variables, range block, switches. You could also use it in connection with sensors so that different programs are automatically started in a specific time, or on a specific sensor input. We will show you all this in details in one of the next video lessons.

Menu Implementation with NXT-G

- The source code of the Menu written in NXT-G. Download and run it.