Burning many SD cards in class. Teacher's Note Pro Preview

When burning many SD cards with a class of students you should be careful for:

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  • 12 Feb 2018


The image should already be downloaded to the PC. Downloading 10x, 4GB each might take some time. The software Etcher should be installed. Burning takes 15 minutes.

Downloading the images in advance

Each image is about 4GB. You can download it during class, but if you, as a teacher, organize the download of 10x images, each 4GB, you should be prepared that this will take a lot of time. Have the image already downloaded on the computers, or have it on a USB drive and copy it to all computers, or have it on a server at school. Doesn't matter. Just download it in advance.

Installing Etcher in advance

Depending on your classroom setup student might have the permission to install software on the computers, or they may not have. If they don't have permissions, then you should do it in advance. Probably you should contact the IT administrator or the person responsible for installing software on the computers. 

Burning takes 15 minutes

Just the process of burning the image takes about 15 minutes. You should plan for this time with the students. This is a great opportunity to discuss and review the course up until know and to understand what have they learned. 


Perfect Course SD Card Image with Raspbian OS

This is a disk image containing a Raspbian OS. The image is modified and set up specifically for the Perfect course. It contains all the needed files, libraries and additional tools that we would use in the course. The file is quite large so be prepared to wait some time while downloading.

Checksum: 4d85292f49a9350fcef9f2eb8fd86b77f1c6bd65ce1344848de3e201c9e1d20d

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